#ThrowBack to Brisighella

It’s been November slowly sneaking in but, unlike Italian October, it seemed to be perfect. The weather was extremely warm and sunny – something I would never expect myself to be genuinely enjoying. Usually I’m the kind of person who enjoys fall as it should be – rainy and cool. So was October, however, which seemed to be even stranger.

Nevertheless, on one of those cold October days we managed to make a short trip to Brisighella, a village in the North-Eastern Italy, that I’d like to tell you about. Well, as I said, it is small, indeed. And absolutely breathtaking. You need just a little bit of determination to reach the peak of one of the two Brisighella hills and, without doubt, you breath will be taken away for a moment or two. Have you seen a marvellous view of hills, and vineyards, and all those little Italian villages? I’ve had. It might not be the most medieval or spectacular village in Italy, but it is really worth spending half a day there in an absolute serenity.


After you’ve made it up the hills, take your time to walk through old and narrow streets and explore every corner of the village. It is really small, and doesn’t take much effort, but you’ll definitely enjoy some hidden spots, as utterly charming courtyards or arcades that turn out to be streets, with names and houses. This, by the way, will give you a distinct impression of time-travelling.

As for a perfect finish point of your short trip to Brisighella check out one of it’s sweet pasticcerias. As a general rule for Italy – try everything and forget stupid diets. They don’t work here.




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