#Throwback to Ravenna

Hello everybody and welcome back <3

I’m continuing working on this new blog and though it still feels like “work in progress” I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. Right now I’m in mode of moving my old posts from L’appel du vide here. They all will be marked as #ThrowBack and while my new readers will get some insight of this whole idea I hope my old readers will enjoy it as throw backs (as do I) in a form of little refreshments. So, here we go!

Those day we were in Ravenna with my french-friend who was staying in my home for her week-long vacation. And while for her it was the first experience of Ravenna (as well as my region in general), I’ve been there for several times already.

When we arrived, we didn’t have any exact plan, except for visiting Dante’s tomb (must-do and #1 for all tourists in Ravenna). Apart from it, just wandering around sounded good enough (I will remind it was a lazy Sunday). Buuuuut I was determined to find a beautiful San Vitale church, which was not exactly in the city center, so we went through, trying to follow Google Maps on my phone. There, we found out that we needed tickets to get inside. A bad point: each ticket costs 9,50 euros (except for mine, which was free: the perks of being an ex-journalist, whose press id expires only in 2017 – yay!). A good point though: that ticket includes visits to several other sights, which ARE really great.

IMAG3928And then we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of San Vitale church. Inside, almost everything is covered with mosaics – and it is absolutely breathtaking, taking into consideration that the church dates back to the 6th century.

After visiting San Vitale, I’d recommend you to take a quick look at Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and to go in the direction of Duomo and the Baptistry to appreciate even more beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Archiepiscopal museum, which is near to the Baptistry of Neon, is included in the ticket price as well, but there you will find a different collection. The only place we didn’t visit that day was Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

Instead, we went back to the city center to eat some pastries at my all time favorite Pasticceria Ferrari, located on Via Mario Gordini =) Visit there is absolutely obligatory when you are in Ravenna. It is stunning. This place reminds me more of Austrian cafe konditorei, than of italian traditional pasticceria. Everything there, starting from the interior and the smell, and finishing with the opportunity to see how everything is made thanks to show kitchen, makes you feel a little bit norther than you actually are. Well, serving deserves a separate attention:


Visiting Ferrari was a perfect end to those cold pre-winter day, but I must say that, despite the weather, I find it waaaay more comfortable to make those day-trips in fall/winter season. There are almost no tourists and it’s not that hot so you can’t actually walk around.

Besides my best tries to update the blog regularly I invite you to join my Instagram and Twitter accounts, both dedicated to #TheWickedVentures! Enjoy your time and stay tuned not to miss the next update!




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