#ThrowBack to Innsbruck

Hey there! I hope everyone’s having a great week : ) For me it was a bit difficult as I had to pass some exams (luckily, it’s all over now :P) but now finally I’m freeeee!

And now I’m happy to present you another #ThrowBack to my one-day trip to Innsbruck just before the New Year’s Eve. Enjoy!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely in love with Austria. It is impossible for me to choose my favorite country but Austria for sure is in top 5. By far I’ve explored most of the eastern part of this small, but beautiful country in the heart of Europe but this time in Innsbruck was my very first.
We started off from the famous Alpine zoo and it was the only thing that disappointed me during this trip. Even though it is famous enough, honestly, it’s absolutely not the best one, even not the best one in Austria. The only credit goes to the cleanliness (as everywhere in this country) and the well-being of animals, which is of course, the most important. However if you expect to see many alpine species you will be disappointed as was I. Talking about animal species the zoo is rather poor, but again, I cannot skip repeating that those animals present in the zoo are really, really taken good care of.
After the zoo we moved to the city center which I was anticipating more. There the problem with parking had suddenly arrived: all the parkings near the center were full and people ended up waiting in the queues to enter them (so did we, since we didn’t have much choice). However, we were lucky enough to randomly choose the nearest parking to the central streets, so at least the time spent in the queue was compensated by the proximity of everything.
First impression: Innsbruck is beautiful and pricey. Really pricey, though this is true for the whole country. Well, the price for coffee for example, is twice as high comparing to coffee prices in Bologna, but nevertheless, Innsbruck is beautiful and worth spending money. Most of the houses in the old town are simply gorgeous, reminding you some medieval masterpieces. Thinking about the date of their construction (and most of them date back to more or less 14th century) I can’t stop thinking of that Innsbruck inhabitants might have been really happy and artistic people : ) And that’s not surprising, seeing the beauty that surrounded them – Innsbruck reminds me of those lost fairy tale cities surrounded by impassable mountains.
One of the most amazing places we visited was a temporary Christmas market. There are Christmas markets in Italy of course, but they cannot compete with German and Austrian ones. It’s just the part of their culture and that’s it! There we had super tasty (yeah, and super unhealthy) lunch. And super Austrian!
And for dessert we had Kaiserschmarrn – it’s hard to imagine something more Austrian than the favorite dessert of one of the most famous Austrian emperors.
To end your trip you can go shopping in one of the shopping centers without even leaving the center – there are pleeeenty of shops there.
Before leaving Innsbruck don’t forget to stop by the riverside – the most beautiful view is guaranteed. And one last useful tip: if you plan to stay in Innsbruck overnight plan in advance. The city is a popular destination and in our case every single hotel was full. The amount of tourists was obviously increased because of the season, and that’s something to keep in mind.
Hope you enjoyed this little throw back to my one-day Innsbruck trip. Comment and share your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe <3  Also, follow Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to #TheWickedVentures to get the most recent updates!

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