#ThrowBack to Paris. Café Gourmand.

Finally it’s Friday! I won’t be talking too much, just saying that I’m happy to greet the weekend – I’m feeling super-tired recently in addition to the very unwelcomed sore throat ;(

Hope everyone’s doing great though! And for the weekend treat I’m happy to present to your attention one of my favourite old stories. This post goes back to January 2016, when I went to Paris for a week to see my friend who’s living there. So here comes a tasty treat from our “Paris-lover and local’s” collaboration :D This weekend, meet Café Gourmand.


What is a café gourmand? It is basically a mix of espresso and a choice of three or four mini-desserts. Sounds great and tastes even better! Café gourmand was found quite recently – about ten years ago – and is now becoming an international trend. The best thing about this type of dessert (and usually you find it in a dessert list) is that it’s not only tasty, but also convenient. Average price would range from 7 to 10 euros and while in Paris this is usually a price for only one dessert, here you get at least three and a coffee. Obviously, they’re smaller, but choosing the café gourmand option you can try several different things. Beware: sometimes you may have no idea what the desserts will be like until they’re right in front of you! Can be really surprising ; )

In some places you can find the option to choose the coffee type between the traditional espresso and Café Allongé which is more commonly known as simply Americano (or here in Italy it is usually called lungo, for example).



Useful tip: search well. Paris offers a wide range of different types of café gourmand and prices differ as well. In some places you can find the fashionable dessert for about 4 euros which is, with no doubts, a really good price for the City of lights. One of the places I liked most was Bert’s (4 avenue du Président Wilson, 75008), not far from Alma-Marceau metro station. Apart from café gourmand for reasonable prices, it offers a whole other range of great food and as a bonus you’ll definitely enjoy a cool atmosphere and contemporary design.

Café gourmand can be a whole philosophy. It suits basically for any occasion, whether you’re seeing your bestie or going out for a fancy coffee-date. Moreover, café gourmand can be a perfect theme for your next party, whether it’s a just a friends’ gathering or a fresh new look of Royal Tea Party : )

If some of you are in Paris, don’t waste your time and rush immediately for your café gourmand quest around the city – why not combining it with the sightseeing? Make a break for a sophisticated dessert between your next museum visit! While drinking your coffee and trying new desserts, you can also enjoy beautiful views, which (let’s be honest) are found all around Paris.


No matter where in the world you are, I wish you all a perfect weekend and Profitez-bien <3

Have already tried café gourmand? Share your thoughts in comments! Also, don’t forget to follow this blog as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to #TheWickedVentures!





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