I belong to you: bonding with the city

It might be my spirituality or some superstitious bond with ancient roots, but I do believe that people belong to places. Or it might just be our everyday life reality. Let’s dive together in my thoughts whirlpool and try to figure it out.

Imagine you’re heading to a new city. You don’t know anybody and have never been there, yet, somehow, you know exactly where to go. You feel like you’ve been living in this place forever, despite previously spending there only a few hours. This is, with no doubts, a clear indication that you have some special bond with the city. And, probably, you belong to it.

It’s not necessarily should be the place where you were born. You might spend a lifetime looking for this place and if you try, there’s a chance you’ll find it. Deep inside me there’s a belief that everyone belongs somewhere and the question is whether or not you have figured it out.

So, you’re in a new city. You go around, not knowing where to go, but there’s your heart that leads you through the streets and you dissolve in the startling carousel of facades and faces. The city absorbs you, but does it in a good way, making you a part of it. The hustle and bustle of the city becomes yours, you feel the city live and breathe and it’s engraving itself into you while you’re engraving yourself into the city. It is a mutual bond, after all.

It’s happening when you catch the rhythm of the city and start living it; when this rhythm is running through your veins and you start truly feeling the city. At this point you realize that you and the place fit each other perfectly.

It has nothing to do with how attractive is the city to you or how much you’d like to live there. It is a rather unexplainable feeling that leads you through. It is a mental map that is set default in your head.

It is the place where you leave a part of your heart so the rest of it will always find the way back.




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