Politeness is dying… and so do we

I do dislike and disrespect those assholes of people who lack even basic politeness. Excuse my *maybe* strong expression, but I think that’s true not only for me. I’m not the kind of a girl dreaming about presumably romantic past times, but let’s be honest: we do miss stereotypical Victorian gentlemen A LOT nowadays.

I believe that rudeness makes people empty. When the person is not able to accept and imply the basic communicative skills, how can we talk about tolerance or compassion? How can we talk about love after all? Impertinence brings us nowhere and that’s horrible.

Last week while being in a famous touristic place I was involved in a little, but unpleasant, incident. There were many people selling selfie-sticks, umbrellas, etc. on the streets, wandering from one group to another offering their products. Ours was simply not their target audience, but nevertheless, one of them tried to make us buy the selfie-sticks by rudely pushing them in our faces. I refused, saying “No, thank you” as I always do in such situations, and we passed by.

What I didn’t really expect was to hear a long, angry speech, full of unpleasant synonyms aimed at us for not using his “services”. Assuming we’re foreigners the man talked openly, not considering that I may understand his language (what I did in fact). I didn’t feel angry at him in response nor did I say something. Partly, because I didn’t want to spoil the trip for the others. But partly, because I was disappointed. I surely didn’t except that our refusal to buy something would cause a wave of aggression.

I tried to analyze the man’s behaviour later. Of course, I understand that *ideally* he’d want us to buy those bloody selfie-sticks. But we do not live in an ideal world and I assume he understands it. What did he expect me to say then? To be ill-mannered and throw some kind of a rude refusal as he did at us? To pass by without noticing him, which was basically impossible due to his passive-aggressive behaviour? Since when a polite refusal is considered something offensive?

What I realized was that those little incident wasn’t caused by anything but impoliteness. And this impoliteness is something that’s ruining us from the inside, emptying us, and kills all other good traits on it’s way. Insolence makes people blind and aggressive; it leads us to hatred. An absence of such a simple thing as politeness can lead to terrible consequences, way more serious than a simple incident with a pitchman. It goes further to the matters of political correctness, tolerance, acceptance and many more; we all know very well how all of the above-mentioned affects our life.  And should something that causes hatred really be tolerated? Sorry, but I don’t think so.




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