Midnight in Budapest

Hello everybody : )

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and I’m terribly sorry for that! But these last months have been a bit tough which *I sincerely hope* could be a legit reason for not writing… And, well, it’s been freaking hot after all! However, I hope it will get better from now on and as a gift from me to you dedicated to my comeback, I’m beyond happy to present you with somewhat melancholic review of my short stay in Budapest recently. Enjoy! ; )

My only real exploration of Budapest have happened by night only. However, I think it was a really nice experience since I’m an absolute fan of late night walks. I love exploring cities by night. It’s incredible how everything’s different in the darkness, how everything you’ve seen a few hours before changes after the twilight. And wherever I go I try to make at least one late night tour around to actually feel the city. By the way, here you can find a few words on my experience of Paris by night.

The truth is, I couldn’t understand a word… but I loved the trams!

But this time I’m talking about Budapest. We’ve arrived pretty late to the hotel (which was really nice – check it out here) but, nevertheless, I was determined to go for a late night walk. The hotel itself was a bit further from the centre than I have initially expected so it took some time to finally arrive to the main street. At the beginning it looked like a typical main street of any other typical capital, with shops and cafes and tourists, but wait! The moment we swerved in the direction of the riverside, the real magic of the night city began.

The streets were far less crowded now, the prices were lower (as it is always) and we could finally enjoy the city. Actually, I would recommend everybody to explore the streets just around main touristic routes. Chances are you will get a deeper understanding of the city away from the noisy crowds. However, don’t forget about safety and common sense anyway, wherever in the world you are!  If you feel that certain streets should be avoided, don’t attempt to make your explorations there!


So, after wandering around for some time we’ve found ourselves at the embankment. I can say the view from there is fantastic, but probably it won’t be enough. It was stunning. It’s definitely worth all the walking, it’s worth the whole night’s trip, it’s just breathtaking. I’m pretty sure I’m coming back again for this view <3

Luckily, we’ve found a really nice place for a very late dinner just over there, so that we could still enjoy all the beauty. And even though it was really late for dinner, a real Hungarian goulash is always a good idea (especially, when accompanied with some excellent home wine!).

Yes, the quality of the photo sucks, but it was an incredibly tasty dinner!

The stop in Budapest was really quick and, unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to see all the amazing places around the city. But anyway, I got a great insight of the atmosphere, and all the beautiful sights, and local food (#sorrynotsorry), and I did enjoy our short stay. I didn’t have a chance to make lots of pictures (and most of them were blurred, ouch!) but I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review!

Have you ever been to Budapest? Share your experience in comments! Also, don’t forget that you’re always welcomed to follow my Twitter and Instagram to keep track of my adventures : )

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!





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