#TheMunichBlog: eat&shop at Viktualienmarkt

Hey there! ; )

I have recently returned from a quite long road trip which included Munich as a short stop on the way back home. I have already been there before several times and since this stop was really quick, unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to explore the city. However, I’ve followed an advice from my local friend and as soon as I got some free time I’ve headed directly to the Viktualienmarkt.


This market with a difficult name (for me, at least :P) has several perks I cannot leave aside. The first one, is the location. I really love the idea of a relatively big market right in the centre. Originally located at the Marienplatz, right in the heart of the city, Viktualienmarkt was moved nearby in 1807 when it became too big for its former location. Still, you can reach it without any problems literally around the corner.

Next, food. Well, actually this is the main point since the market sells mainly food, from meat to berries (after all, it’s main purpose was, and is, to be a farmer’s market). You can find a really great varsity of food to buy there, though it might be pricey as the market is quite famous. However, I really enjoyed the diversity of food from fruits and vegetables for sale to stands where you can buy some traditional stuff. And here to the next thing I liked about Viktualienmarkt.



Apart from many stands that sell different kinds of sausages and meat, in the very heart of the market you can find the famous beer garden. This is a fantastic place. Apart from being able to taste really good beer and some local specialities, you are able to immerse yourself into an unforgettable atmosphere of a Bavarian beer garden. You’ll be brushing elbows with both fellow tourists and locals, as sitting there is communal (and it can be difficult to find a place, which is to be considered!) and don’t forget to salute your table-mates with your beer!


The last notable thing about Viktualienmarkt I would like to mention is the huge amount of stands selling cute handmade design stuff. I got absolutely in love with so many wonderful interior design things, and it is impossible to leave the market without some sweet souvenirs that will add some cosiness to your home ; )



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3 thoughts on “#TheMunichBlog: eat&shop at Viktualienmarkt

  1. I am happy you like Munich. I used to live there. Yes, the Viktualienmarkt is really fun.
    They have a lot of stands and lots of FOOD. It is really one of the nicest outdoor markets
    I know.

    I like your blog and will visit again. Come to see mine. It is all about Montreal.


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