#September Favourites

Hello everybody!

After some consideration, I’ve decided to add some new categories to my blog. From now on, it will be not only travel and my random thoughts but also beauty, fashion and many many more. I think it is time for #TheWickedVentures to transform into a truly lifestyle blog where I won’t be limited to write about practically everything. So here I’d like to introduce you a new category, which is going to be a list of places, things, web link, ideas, etc., that I’ve liked every month. Posts in this category will be a sum-up of my favourites and I hope it will be useful and enjoyable for you to read!

So, before I begin, I’d ask you to share your thoughts in comments and to hit “Like” button if you like this new category! <3

  • Place

Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore) is a picturesque lake shared by Italy and Switzerland. I’ve stayed at the lake just after my trip to Munich, but, unfortunately, for a very short time. Nevertheless, I was more than impressed. My recommendations for your unforgettable lake stay there is to rent a boat and go to one or all three of the tiny islands on the lake. You will not only enjoy a beautiful boat trip but also will get a chance to have a very tranquil time in the typical Italian atmosphere. The beauty is all around us!


  • Entertainment

Okay, I’m not going to list a fun park every month, but in September I just happen to get there so why not? Fun parks are an excellent entertainment after all! Legoland in Germany is a nice but quite little amusement park not very far from Munich. For Lego lovers (and I’m an avid fan of Lego; when I was a child I preferred Lego to all other toys :P) it is a true heaven. Most of all, I liked the huge exhibition of German towns and main attractions ALL build from Lego blocks. There were, like, billions of the blocks! The rides were well,  too, but as for me, the rides are aimed at little kids more than adults. There’s a lack of more extreme rides, but as I said before, it is worth visiting to feel yourself a little Lego man. Oh, and don’t forget the Lego-Fabrik where you can construct your own Lego human!

Credit http://www.parkerlebnis.de
  • Fashion

I will start from saying that I love Zara. I love their elegance and approach so today I’m presenting you my new favourite piece of my wardrobe – a striped Zara shirt as seen on me in Munich. I absolutely loved the vertical stripes and an overall design. And well, you can blend it with almost whatever bottom you want and still be stylish! It is available to shop online here or in your nearest Zara store!

  • Beauty

For a long time I’ve been using only a bright red lipstick, but recently I’ve picked a new shade and now I’m in love. Here I’m presenting you Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick by Kiko Milano. I’ve got myself a Wine shade, but there are 20 different shades overall. Moreover,  it is super soft and lasting!


  • Web link

While September is a “back to school” months for many scholars out there, I’ve picked a wonderful website. Unfortunately this website is aimed at girls only (well, maybe some guys might find it useful sometimes too), but still it is a great source of useful and fun articles covering all aspects of college life. Apart from college life and studying there are many fashion, beauty, DIY and giveaways that you don’t want to miss!

  • Instagram

What I really want to say is that none of my ideas would have been fulfilled without this special person in my life. I want to share with you my little sister’s Instagram who is at middle school only, but who makes incredibly great travel photos never using a single filter! She is the photographer I would trust with anything. You can show her some support by following her here!

  • Book

In September I’ve picked Life after Life by Kate Atkinson to tell you about. I must say this book was the one which impressed me the most in the recent time. With its unusual structure and a sophisticated story that makes you wanna read through the whole book all at once, this book is definitely my recent favourite that I recommend literally everyone. The idea that’s running through the whole novel is the beginning your life again and again until you make it perfect – and it is something very close to me, something I’ve been thinking a lot myself. The timeline is set around World War II and eventually leads to the to the main idea – what if that war could have been prevented?..


So, here’s my September favourites list! I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me in the comments what else would you like to see in this category in particular and on #TheWickedVentures in general! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to that you receive email notifications about the new posts. For even more ventures, follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts!




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