Waking up from a long hiatus

I’m here and I’m alive!

I know I’ve been talking about a constant writing pattern that I struggle to develop, and I know I’ve failed just again. The truth is, it’s been a tough time. Well, it’s been a tough time for everyone, right? I mean, one day you’re full of aspirations and the next day you wake up to a certain Trump becoming a president of the United States…

But seriously, apart from all the things going on in the world, it’s been a tough time in general, as I’ve been super busy at the university (did I mention that I’m a Political Science student? XD). So finally the midterms are over (and the winter session is coming….) but I’m back and this time *I hope* it will last….longer.

Now, I’m back from my long hiatus and am ready to take over #TheWickedVentures. But, of course, everything that has happened during this time couldn’t leave me indifferent and I will be talking about it. So, there might be more politics on my blog since now, even though I will keep on writing lifestyle posts as well.

My recent article that was published on My trending story will soon appear here as well and I sincerely hope you’ll like it, even though it’s different from my typical articles – in a bitter way. But that’s life, isn’t it?

Anyway I promise other things too, of course, and I will do my best to dedicate more time to this beautiful journey. Thank you for staying here even if I don’t write very often and lots of lugs to everyone who leaves me words of support <3

Lots of love,



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