#November favourites: what to watch, read and listen

Hey there!

I’m back as promised and I’m ready to share with you my favourites for spending some quality time this month!

What to watch?

I have just seen Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and I urge you all to go to the cinema as soon as possible. I love HP series, but I have found out the spin-off was coming out just two months ago (yeah, I know, I live in a parallel universe…). I didn’t have much time to obsess with all the spoilers Internet is here to give us, so I genuinely enjoyed my experience at the cinema. But anyway, knowing that the Queen of magic herself has written yet another new wonderful script (spinning around one of the most mentioned books in the original series), was more than enough to get me intrigued. The next thing I’m admitting – I found out who the director was right at the cinema – I know, it’s a shame. Here, a little bit of reflection on former HP directors. My favourites are probably Alfonso Cuarón and Chris Columbus (because who wasn’t enchanted by the first two films? Such an outstanding job – he gave it all a wonderful start). But, David Yates, the director of the Fantastic Beasts, was the director of the HP films since The Order of Phoenix. The films got notably darker since his arrival, which has been a perfect fit for the story. Fantastic Beasts have the same remarkable filming – dark and highly elaborated when it comes to the smallest details.  I’m not going to spoil(er) you all the fun and I strongly recommend you not to Google this film too much – I got an almost childish surprise at every twist of the plot and believe me, it’s worth staying away from the on-line spoilers! A beautiful atmosphere of *magical* 20′, wonderful cast, a sweet love story (or love stories shall I say?), superb special effects and, of course, the story which is back again (a different story this time, but still) – what else do you need for a perfect weekend?

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home – so take your seat and get ready for the trip <3


What to read?

I have recently found out I’ve never posted my review of the Elegance of the hedgehog to #TheWickedVentures! It used to be published for a long time on my previous blog and now it’s time for that post to appear here as well. I strongly believe that everything in our lives is happening for a reason. Every step we make, everyone we meet, every book we read. Especially with books. Some books are rubbish, of course, but even them have some reason to be read; even if you’re still unaware of it. Thus, my luck led me to a perfectly sophisticated story by Muriel Barbery. First, the name. Would a book named “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” attract your attention, if you were on my place, staying near the only stand with books in English in a small book market, across the train station? Probably, yes. At least I was attracted by the name first. When I picked up this book to read a summary, I already knew that I’m buying it anyway. I promise, you’ll be charmed by that delicate and fragile atmosphere. The story is complex and beautifully interlaced. It’s sad, it’s so incredibly sad for many reasons, and there will be countless times you’ll be questioning the order of things in this world. A mini existential crisis is guaranteed, but sometimes we need it to stop for a moment and reflect on our lives. You won’t find action or twisted plot, but you’ll find the true elegance and almost visual satisfaction from reading, comparable, maybe, to viewing an art work in the museum. And let me just say you’ll love Renée – consider it my little tribute to this Woman.

A highly exquisite and heartbreaking masterpiece in pastel colours, that will make you tranquilly sad in the very end…


What to listen?

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Franz Ferdinand before. I’ve literally bumped into this group accidentally and got hooked immediately. This Scottish rock band rocks it from the very first second. Based in Glasgow, they’re known worldwide and for a good reason – they’re absolutely spectacular. They make me wanna dance, even if I had a tough day and I’m hardly standing straight on my feet. The only band that keeps me sane (or rather slightly insane, which is my normal state) during these crazy times. Hey, Franz Ferdinand, I can’t imagine my life without you in my headphones! 😍 My nearest plans do certainly include going to their concert. Here I’ve put together my personal favourite tracks – check them out:


I hope you liked this impromptu favourites list, guys. I’m still experimenting with the contents of #TheWickedVentures and I hope to hear your feedback on this new version of #favourites! Would you like to get other reviews and ideas for films, books and music in the future?

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