Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

Hohoho, Merry Christmas!

I must admit, December is always a crazy month for me, with the first half of it dedicated to exams and the second to Christmas shopping… and I honestly don’t know which part is more stressful. By now, we should finally allow ourselves some rest – with all the gifts nicely packed and stocked under the Christmas tree. But most of us (if not all) have been through those dreadful moments when you realize you’ve forgotten the gift for your second cousin once removed (or anybody else) and you have just a few hours left until Christmas dinner. Well, take a deep breathe and relax: here I’m offering you five emergency gift ideas that will please almost every person in the world without causing you lot’s of stress!

  • Gift card

This will be a win-win. Your task is simply to decide where exactly you want this gift card from, whether it is an Amazon gift card or the one from your local bookstore. Most of the shops (including e-shops) have them as they’re on a very high demand especially at this time of the year. Even if you rush in the shop in the very last moment, chances are, they’ll still have plenty of gift cards/certificates and you will spare yourself a problem of a tough decision. Most important is that everyone will appreciate a gift card – you’ll give that person a chance to choose something that they’ll really enjoy instead of just grabbing something useless. Note: gift cards are your go-to gift not only as the last minute reserve but also when you don’t really know someone’s preferences.


  • Beauty&Fragrance Set

All the beauty shops out there have tons of beauty sets for both, men&women. All you have to do is to rush to the store of your choice and decide on a budget. There is a plethora of options to choose from, with makeup or bath&body being amongst them. Yes, it may not be a personalised gift that so many of us appreciate. But hey, since when beauty products are a bad gift?! This gift will for sure come in-handy, while still being easy-to-find even on the 24 of December! A nice bonus: many beauty stores offer you to wrap your set right there at the shop so it can even be your last stop before the final destination this evening.


  • Stainless steel mug

…Because who doesn’t need it? It is a go to Christmas gift, no matter if the the person is Team Coffee or Team Tea, because it can be used for both and it can be found in so many colours, shapes and variations that it makes a perfect gift for people of all ages. Stainless steel mugs can be found in many different stores and if you have a shopping mall nearby, you’ll surely find AT LEAST one store that sells them. If you have a little bit of time/imagination or know well the preferences of the person you’re buying it for, you can search for a more personalised mug. Anyway, the present will be highly appreciated – believe a chronic coffee addict ; )


  • DVD 

Don’t frown at that. It requires you to have at least some knowledge of what the person really likes, but it can be a wonderful last-minute gift which will also show that you actually care for the person. Even if s/he has already seen this very-special-favourite show or film series a dozen of times, a nice DVD with all the seasons/parts of it will always be great to have. So, if you know what exactly your special someone would like to watch (or re-watch) head to a bookstore or an electronics shop, and scan the shelves carefully to find what you need. Alert: it’s better if you have several options to choose from – just in case the one you’re looking for won’t be there. As an alternative, you can pay for the person’s Netflix account – in case if you’re not sure with what exactly to buy.


  • Homeware

Even if this is your last-minute gift idea, it can still be a sweet and sophisticated. A bonus if you know the person’s tastes in decor or have an idea of his/hers flat’s interior, but in any case, you can look for something neutral yet sweet. A great idea can be buying something Christmas-themed which will go practically with any interior style. It can be something useful (like kitchen ware) or a beautiful decor piece, and will surely be liked by anyone. If you’re opting for some homeware gift but still not sure about what exactly to choose, check out something like a wine rack or a faux chalk board!



What are your last-minute Christmas gifts ideas? Share in the comments! Also, check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts and stay tuned for more! I hope all of you will have a wonderful  Christmas and wish you love and peace, tonight and every night. <3




3 thoughts on “Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

  1. A bottle of wine or a box of chocolates are always a good last minute Christmas gift, depending for whom it is for. The best is NOT to spend too much money on gifts. Just spending time together and be happy is good enough. Lara

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