#TheWickedVentures go on

Once again, for a hundredth time, I’m leaving and I’m coming back. Sometimes I wonder if it is an eternal circle or I will keep to my promise to never leave my blog again.

Well, it’s not that I’ve ever left. It’s just me who dived into my academic life (yeah, I say academic on purpose, because student life means partying and all the stuff most of the students do; when I refer to my absence in the the last months, I refer to endless hours spent in the library) and, being so caught up and stressed out by studying, it was me who forgot about life. I mean, my real life, the one in which I do things I actually live doing. So, being the Hermione Granger sort of a person the last months, I know I’ve missed out terribly on endless opportunities to become a better blogger and writer – and it makes me really sad. 
Well, there have been not only studying, to be honest. There have been one thing that’s saved me from numerous nervous breakdowns on several occasions (thanks, uni!). I’ve been (and still is) involved in a theatre, and this is one of the best things ever happened to me in my life. I love theatre to the moon and back, I love being on stage, I love taking up different characters and expressing myself through this art forms. Art saves souls. Art saves me constantly. By the way, we’ve pulled an amazing show in January – I can’t help but share a picture of us all with you. I’ve got to work with an incredibly talented team that will always have its place in my heart. So, actually, I’ve had some break from studying (because if not theatre, I wonder if I could have handled all the stress the came upon me with the exams).  

But no matter what, I’m here again. I’m back, because writing is my life and I can’t stay away from it for too long. I’m back again and I don’t promise that I won’t do any more breaks (who knows, after all). But I’m back with an intention to write, to be alive and to bring life back to this blog. Which means, yes, I have fresh ideas and most importantly, a strong will to proceed with this beautiful adventure. And no, I still don’t have time ’cause studying, but I will find it anyway. So thank you for staying here, even when I’m not writing. 

#TheWickedVentures go on. 


Valérie  <3 


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