Weekend Genovese

I know that I’m moving slowly, but still, I’m moving.. Sorry for the long waiting time and welcome back to #TheWickedVentures!

Even though I’m terribly late (as we made this trip on Easter weekend) I can’t wait to share with you some amazing moments we’ve spent in Genova (it’s Genoa in English, I know, but check our the previous post and you’ll see how much I love keeping the original names).

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So, Genova is the main city in the Liguria region on the Italian west coast. The region itself deserves a separate post; it’s splendid and I can talk infinitely about its beauty. But let’s get back to Genova. It was out first time there and I was super excited for spending the weekend at the seaside (you’re talking to a person who grew up by the sea and who’s locked inland #sobbing). I’m missing the sea like crazy sometimes and for as much as I love Bologna, I actually miss water… So, yes, Genova was my perfect getaway!

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Yes, this is *almost* a pirate ship. “Neptune” is an accurate replica of the ship built for 1986 film “Pirates” by Roman Polanski… and it can be visited!

Of course, the first place we headed to was sea port. And what a port it is! We ended up spending the whole day there, no jokes. If you go to Genova, I’d recommend you planning your time in advance so that you leave one day for the port. You can get there  by car (as we did) – there’s plenty of parking spaces, but most of them are, obviously, to be paid. Or, as an alternative, you can easily reach the port via underground – Genova has only one line and while you certainly won’t get lost, it’s really convenient for sightseeing. Take your time at the port. Go for a walk and enjoy the view, stop for some gelato or frozen yogurt (there are plenty of gelaterias there) and feel the marine atmosphere of the city. But the real sightseeing starts with the aquarium. Aquarium genovese is the second biggest aquarium in Europe – after the one in Valencia. I must admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of aquariums – before visiting Genova. I felt like a child who just couldn’t get enough! It was spectacular, magical and fantastical – no words can describe my childish excitement. I didn’t want to leave!!! With many (like, MANY) different species and possibilities to explore them, be prepared to spend several hours there. It’s a must go place not only to families with kids, but for literally everyone. A stunning place. The tickets are pricey, but you can find many different combinations that’ll save you money – like purchasing a joint ticket for aquarium and one or more other museums located at the port.

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And here I’m moving on to the next place I’m sure you’d love to visit – Galata Museo del Mare, Italian largest maritime museum. The ticket includes an entrance to the “Nazario Sauro”(S518) submarine that operates as a museum. The maritime museum offers you an unforgettable interactive experience through Italian maritime history. Just go and experience everything first hand. Oh, and don’t forget to get up the roof terrace for some stunning views!

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We’ve spent the next day exploring the city, stopping by local museums and art galleries. Amongst them – Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco, the two palaces turned into art galleries, facing each other. I love art galleries, whether it be the contemporary art gallery or the classical art collection. In this case I’m speaking of the latter, but even if you’re not a fan of classical art, I still highly recommended you pay these palaces a visit. Why, you ask me? For the views once again! Well, the view you’d get from Palazzo Rosso rooftop is the best you could find in Genova. My head was spinning a little bit, but it was absolutely worth it. By the way, the ticket includes a visit to Palazzo Tursi as well, but we were too tired after an intensive day and didn’t check it out.

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Another prominent place you should see is a Columbus’ birth house. Or, at least the place presumed to be his birth house, as Italy and Spain has this centuries long debate over where exactly the great sailor was born. I love to think he was born in Genova anyways ;) From this place proceed to the Porta Soprana (an old city gate) and take a stroll down Passo delle Murette – medieval streets to feel the spirit of the old centre and… to try one of the best focaccia genovese of course!

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Here’s the exact place that I loved so much:

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It’ll take some time to wait for your focaccia but you’ll love it! Tip: ask for the one “tradizionale” which is filled with cheese. Ours didn’t last long enough even for a photo….

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To sum up, I’ll repeat: Genova is fantastic. With the sea, and so many places to visit, and all the possibilities to take long walks, it’s mesmerizing. Amazing views combined with spectacular nature and the sea, the sea, the sea! Too beautiful to explain with words. But I know for sure that I can’t wait to be back.

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I hope you liked the post and would like to visit Genova one day!;) Have already been there? Tell me what you think in the comments! And of course, subscribe through the form to stay tuned (I’m terribly slow but I’m here hey!) and don’t miss a thing through Twitter and Instagram!


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