#TheWickedVentures is a journey. It is a journey of a lifetime and, at the same time, my very own bubble of thoughts and experiences that I want to share with the world.

#TheWickedVentures is a project. It is a project dedicated to find my very own readers in the pool of, well, the whole world, and to provide my readers with quality content that they can find useful and/or stimulating. It is a project aimed to inspire souls, after all.

#TheWickedVentures is an invitation. It is an invitation for you to join my adventure, sometimes wicked, sometimes hectic and, most often, completely bold – an adventure of my life. I’m inviting you to see the world through my eyes and I hope you enjoy my adventure as much as I enjoy it myself.

To sum up, I’m inviting you to share this wicked venture with me, to share the journey of this project that has love and harmony at the core and same love and harmony as the purpose. #TheWickedVentures is an endless cycle that revolves around these two basics – and I’m inviting you to join this path.

Created with love, #TheWickedVentures is a journey that I’m inviting you to take.